Week 1 – June 13 to June 16 2023
Working on media

Tuesday June 13

Refresher on computers and networking (half day)
Vittore Casarosa (ISTI-CNR and University of Pisa)
CLARIN and its resources (half day)
Monica Monachini, Francesca Frontini (ILC-CNR)

Wednesday June 14

CMSs: Word and Omeka (full day)
Chiara Mannari (ISTI-CNR and University of Pisa)

Thursday June 15

Graphic applications and 3D objects (full day)
Marco Potenziani, Marco Callieri (ISTI-CNR)

Friday June 16

Accessing and transforming historic media (full day)
Seamus Ross (University of Toronto)


Week 2 – June 19 to June 22 2023
Working on History

Monday June 19

Designing a project in Digital Public History (full day)
Enrica Salvatori (University of Pisa)

Tuesday June 20

Methods and tools for digital philology (full day)
Roberto Rosselli del Turco (University of Turin)

Wednesday June 21

Historical GIS (full day)
Tiago Gil (University of Pisa and University of Brasilia)

Thursday June 22

Natural Language Processing methods (full day)
Rachele Sprugnoli (University of Parma)