The registration fee for the Summer School is 250€. Deadline 11 May 2020

After closing of the inscriptions two grants of 250 € each will be awarded, based on a ranking list made by the teachers of the school on the basis of the geographical origin (developing countries) and of the CV.

The number of participants at the School is limited and registrations will be accepted until there are available seats.

Enrollment in the Summer School is a four steps procedure (sorry for the bureaucracy :-))

  • Step 1: Register at the University of Pisa through the Alice University portal.
    Here is a link to a pdf document explaining how to register at the Alice portal
    Here is the link to the Alice portal
  • Step 2: After having registered at the Alice portal, enroll in the School after logging in at the Alice portal with the newly received credentials
    Here is a link to a pdf document explaining how to register for a Summer School
  • Step 3: Pay the registration fee of 250 Euro (or 200 Euros if you are AIUCD member) by bank transfer (see below payment instructions)
  • Step 4: Send receipt of the payment to the School email address (

Only after receiving receipt of payment your registration can be confirmed.

AIUCD (the Italian Association for Digital Humanities and Culture) is a sponsor of the School, and if you are a member of AIUCD the registration fee is reduced to 200 Euro. In this case, together with the proof of payment to the School, you must send also proof of membership in AIUCD. The easiest way is to send copy of the receipt that you received when paying the AIUCD membership fee.

The membership fee for AIUCD is 50 Euro (30 Euro if you are a graduate student) and, if you are not already a member, it may be worth enrolling now, as in addition to the reduced fee you would get all the benefits of being a AIUCD member. If you decide to enrol first in AIUCD, please go to the AIUCD enrolment page and follow the instruction there.


All payments must be made in EURO. Any bank charges must be covered by the participant.
If payment is done by you personally the amount is 250 Euros (or 200 Euros if AIUCD member).
If payment is done by your Institution (e.g. University, private company) the amount is 305 Euros (or 244 Euros if AIUCD member) to cover the 22% Italian VAT tax.

Please make the bank transfer in the proper amount to the following account:
Università di Pisa
Dipartimento di Filologia Letteratura e Linguistica
Banca di Pisa e Fornacette- Credito Cooperativo S.c.p.A.
IBAN: IT30N0856270910000011156528

In the bank transfer make sure to specify: “Your Name – Registration Summer School DIGITAL TOOLS FOR HUMANISTS 2020”

Only for Italian public Institutions payment has to be done through:
Girofondi Banca D’Italia
Tesoreria conto 0306382 DIPARTIMENTO DI Dipartimento di Filologia, Letteratura e Linguistica – Università di Pisa – C.F. 80003670504 – Piazza Torricelli n. 2 – Pisa

Please note that applicants from non-EU countries may need a valid Visa for entering Italy.
Before making the payment, please check with the Italian Embassy in your country if a visa is needed and what is the timing to obtain it.